Anoosh Jorjorian (pronouns: she or they) founded Inclusive Futures Consulting in response to a growing demand for her presentations, workshops, and one-on-one advising on educating children about identity awareness and talking with them about identity topics, particularly race and gender/sexuality. Her approach grew out of her lived experiences as well as her ongoing organizing and advocacy work. 

Anoosh grew up between multiple cultures and was usually a minority at her schools. From an early age, she was acutely conscious of issues of privilege and marginalization, insides and outsides, belonging and alienation. 

Anoosh holds a BA from Wesleyan University in Connecticut in the interdisciplinary field of American Studies,  which included Critical Race Theory, Queer Theory, and Postcolonial Theory in addition to history and literature. She holds an MA from the University of California, Los Angeles, in Culture and Performance. 

She has lived on both the West and the East Coasts of the US, but also abroad in Senegal in West Africa and Fiji in the South Pacific—opportunities that gave her an outsider perspective on the United States and new insights into race and racism beyond an American context. Day-to-day living in multicultural cities—Boston, Los Angeles, Dakar, Lautoka—has expanded her cultural knowledge and competency. 

Over the past two decades, she has worked on advocacy issues such as marriage equality for same-sex couples, rights for immigrants, bathroom rights for trans youth, and equity for communities of color. Since moving to Davis in 2016, Anoosh has worked intensively with local government, schools, libraries, parents, and youth to advance equality for marginalized communities. Community organizing has taught her to listen carefully to people’s needs, and connect and build trust to find effective solutions together. 

In 2018, Congressman John Garamendi honored Anoosh Jorjorian as a Woman of the Year for her work with the Davis Phoenix Coalition with adults and youth.

She applies these skills, experience, and knowledge to everything she does, and puts them in service to your projects and goals. Anoosh knows the power of specificity. She rejects cookie-cutter approaches, instead attending to the details of your needs and the nuances of your audience. She is deeply invested in this work, convinced that one of the best methods to create change is to focus on the generations building our future: children and youth.

Let’s build something together.

A woman with brown skin seated at a table with a wheel of gender terms, facing a child with his back to the camera.
Talking with kids about gender diversity at the annual Upstanders Carnival, an interactive anti-bullying event for elementary-aged children.